Accessibility Policy

At RMUTPMOOC, we try to understand and respect the unique needs and perspectives of the Thai community and the global community of RMUTPMOOC. We value every learner and strive to be a leader in expanding access to everyone, including those with disabilities.


Therefore, it is RMUTPMOOC's commitment to ensure that our mobile applications and platform websites are accessible for people with disabilities and allow content providers to develop and post content that is accessible as required

To achieve this goal, RMUTPMOOC will be working on various projects including:


  • We define policies to improve the version that our mobile application and our software platform along with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA published by the World Wide Web Consortium and to appear in the appropriate version.


  • Modification of course writing software so that content providers can post course content in a format that is consistent with WCAG 2.0 AA for web content.


  • checking that our mobile applications and platforms do not interfere with posting course content in a format that is consistent with MathML for mathematical and digital science notation.


  • W3C advice on using WCAG 2.0 with non-web information and communication technology ("WCAG2ICT") for software and non-web content and the digital data system standards for the disabled ("DAISY") published by the Association DAISY or EPUB3, published by the International Digital Publishing Forum for print media and digital documents


  • Publish this policy to content providers and website content RMUTPMOOC and technical support staff for Our mobile applications and platforms.


  • Linking to this policy from the home page of Persuasion and provide methods for submitting suggestions and providing methods for contacting personnel. RMUTPMOOC with knowledge
  • Development and distribution of best practices for accessing content providers
  • Appointment of coordinators, access to websites with knowledge about website access and digital access standards, responsible for coordinating RMUTPMOOC's responsibility regarding access and responsible for developing guidelines, best practices for access

Modify the policy to prioritize access defect correction to ensure that it is resolved with the same level of importance with the loss of other functions That is equivalent for people who are not defective

  • There will be a consultant to access at least one knowledgeable website that is responsible for conducting an annual website access assessment of Our mobile applications and platforms


Provide annual training to staff Website content RMUTPMOOC and technical support personnel to ensure Our mobile applications and our platform correspond to WCAG 2.0 AA.


RMUTPMOOC will implement these access initiatives to expand access to high-quality education for everyone and to help content providers, many of whom have independent obligations under access laws, providing content in a format that Accessible


RMUTPMOOC urges content providers to include access to course content posted on to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities. We will continue to spend quality time and resources there to improve the website and our platform significantly. Please suggest any questions or suggestions on how to improve access to our sites and platforms. we welcome your feedback.

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